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Admin | Published mon Aug 03, 2020 4:22 pm | 36 Views

Welcome to the GeekCafe.XYZ Community!

We make use forums as a detailed interactive platform for documentation relating to the progress of ongoing projects of our members or provide information or features found around the web that others can benefit from.

We also are working hard to build a network of discord communities who have already established an impressive and ongoing growth within their communities. Discord communities that focus on tech related topics, support, learning, development are welcome to partner with our community. We encourage server owners to promote the forums as a tool for there community. A place to connect their members with other members from the vast network of discord servers.

We aim to construct and collaborate a partnership with other Discord communities, to grow and expand our horizon in knowledge and be comfortable with one another. We welcome Discord communities that devote on discussions such as topics related to tech, sharing ideas, impart knowledge on others and many more. We encourage server owners to promote the forums as a tool for their community. We aspire to make it a place for members from various communities to connect and enjoy.

View our slideshow explaining the perks of partnering with us; (images outaded)!AqH6Bp-sWPdbgpVaXMI0MzM8r7L_Ng?e=Y2ybXo

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